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Sculpture 'Ville Flottante' by Julien Righi French Contemporary Sculpt

Sculpture 'Ville Flottante' by Julien Righi French Contemporary Sculpt

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W: 40cm (15.7")H: 37cm (14.6")D: 25cm (9.8")


Sculpture 'Ville Flottante' 2017 by Julien Righi French Sculptor
Oak wood with Stone Base 'Gris' from the Pyrenees mountains and recouperated unwanted discarded manmade metal waste found objects that are re-presented for posterity in his artworks
Mythological themes run through Juliens work in his series of sculptures of cities that are timeless, both ancient and futuristic.
They are safe havens taking you to new worlds with cities built on the ruins of the old world, wonderful cities with fairy tale castles, mystic monasteries and temples reaching up and up towards the light.
Julien portrays in all his pieces the evolution of mankind with a powerful chaotic beauty bringing great hope for our future
If waste can transcend to greater aesthetic heights, then mankind can too.
We can rise up like the cities he creates up and up towards the light, filling us with light, until we are the light by transformation, transmutation and alchemy.

Julien Righi b 1977- contemporary sculptor has established a thriving and diverse Arts Community in the protected forest of a National Park
The juxtaposition of natural woods and man made found objects fused together by Juliens sculptural expertise and personal vision are a recurring theme in all his works
He works producing monumental sculptures for public exhibitions and private collectors throughout the world