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Mid Century Lamp Gargoyle by Jean-Maurice Rothschild c1950 French

Mid Century Lamp Gargoyle by Jean-Maurice Rothschild c1950 French

Code: 11421


W: 35cm (13.8")H: 63cm (24.8")D: 35cm (13.8")


Mid century Gargoyle lamp by Jean-Maurice Rothschild c1950 French

An unusual lamp based on his series of coffee tables with Gargoyles underneath, he was influenced by his connections in Paris and so hence the gargoyles.

It is made of Resin to look like Oak and with good solid metal mounts

The lamp shade is not provided

This will be re-wired and tested to USA or UK and European standards ready to install.

Jean-Maurice Rothschild 1902-1998

He was a decorator and designer of furniture

He studied at La Bouille and then worked for Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann where he was an arisan and designer

After this he set up on his own with Muro and Ducreuzet

Like Andre Arbus and Jacques Adnet they all worked to produce on the great Boats where he worked in 1935 to work on the Normandie

He was asked to design the restaurant at Eiffel Tower, interiors of the Ambassador of London, the Miami Nightclub in Paris and also the interior design of the Hotel de Ville de Cachen which is now an historic building

He became an architect of interiors and he produced works for the Monnaie de Paris, Assemblie Nationale and the Palais de l'Eysee