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French Bed 19th century Louis Rococo

French Bed 19th century Louis Rococo

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W: 140cm (55.1")H: 158cm (62.2")D: 192cm (75.6")

£1,500.00 Approx $1856.44, €1708.43

French Bed Large Single 19th century Louis Rococo
Carved Walnut with quartered Walnut
Double or large single....
The inside of the foot board has been upholstered ready for top covers, please ask if you would like the top cover added to suit your interoior before shipping, the cost of fabric is not included in the price, however we do have a small choice of fabrics for you to choose from free of charge, please ask for more details always happy to help
This will take a standard 4 foot wide mattress on a slatted wood base or a 4'6" wide right across the whole width of the bed, please ask for more details if required
Very good antique condition sound and solid
Foot board height 95cms