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Original Lithograph signed by Jean Carzou no 13 of 36 Artists Proof

Original Lithograph signed by Jean Carzou no 13 of 36 Artists Proof

Code: 10097


W: 76cm (29.9")H: 53cm (20.9")

Original Limited Edition Lithograph signed in pencil by the artist Jean Carzou 1907-2000
No 13 of 36
Artists Proof
Mid century c1960s
Unframed on Japan paper
Carzou was born Karnik Zouloumian (Armenian: Գառնիկ Զուլումեան) in Aleppo, Syria to an Armenian family. Carzou later created his name from the first syllables of his name and surname, and added a Parisian nickname, “Jean”. He was educated in Cairo, Egypt before moving to Paris in 1924 to study architecture. He started working as a theater decorator but quickly realized he preferred drawing and painting. In 1938, more than a hundred exhibitions of his works were organized in Paris, in the French provinces and abroad. In 1949, he received the coveted Hallmark prize.[citation needed] In 1952, he created costumes and sceneries for Les Indes Galantes of Rameau at the Opéra de Paris. He continued with Le Loup (1953) for “Les Ballets” of Roland Petit, Giselle (1954) and Athalie (1955) at the Opéra and “La Comédie française”. Carzou was elected a member of the Institut de France, Académie des beaux-arts, succeeding in the seat left vacant by the death of painter Jean Bouchaud in 1977. He was also awarded the National Order of Merit of France. A Carzou museum exists in the town of Dinard (Brittany)