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Oil Painting Pierrot, Colombine & the Moon by Luigi Loir Belle Epoque

Oil Painting Pierrot, Colombine & the Moon by Luigi Loir Belle Epoque

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W: 7cm (2.8")H: 10.5cm (4.1")


Original Miniature oil painting by Luigi Loir 1845-1916 for his series of post cards illustrations
Artwork for Pierrot, Colombine and the Moon
Signed with initials L L from the studio sale of his works in Paris in the 1980s
Oil on card having been reframed
This will be sent it's card frame and can be sent with its gold frame, if requested, without the glass (to avoid breakage during shipping)

Luigi Loir Painter and Illustrator was born December 22, 1845 in Goritz, Austria and he died February 9, 1916 in Paris. He began his first formal art education in 1853 at the Beaux-Art Academy.
Upon finishing his studies in 1865, Loir had his debut in the Salon of Paris with " Paysage a Villiers-sur Seine" for which he received the highest acclaim. Loir then enrolled into studies under Jean Amable Amedee Pastelot (1810-1870) to become a mural painter. He became a very popular ceiling and mural painter. One of Loir's first commissions was to paint the murals and ceilings at the Chateaux du Diable in 1866.
Many of Loir’s works, which include oils, watercolors, and lithographs, were acquired by the city of Paris and by French museums. During the Salon des Sciences at the Hotel de Ville, Loir exhibited “Les Preparatifs de la fete foraine.” The painting overwhelmed the museums. Loir had finally received the recognition he was due.