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Polar Bear 'Ours'  by Perez Petriarte on Canvas

Polar Bear 'Ours' by Perez Petriarte on Canvas

Code: 11654


W: 200cm (78.7")H: 200cm (78.7")


Polar Bear 'Ours' by Perez Petriarte
This work is on 4 separate canvases each measuring 100cms x 100cms shown here as one
To be displayed with gaps between the canvases to represent the shattering of the world for the polar bear due to loss of habitat and hunting grounds as the oceans warm due to climate change
Painted in 2016 to emphasise the repercussions for the world in acknowledgement of the Paris Climate summit

Perez Pétriarte grew up on the coast of SW France.
She is an artist whose work evolves and follows strong phases of development periodically
Her work is strong and distinctive
She spent many years living and painting in Paris where she exhibited her works in Parisian Galleries establishing her early decorative style to much acclaim.
Subsequently she moved back to the region of her birth, with her family, and re-established her atelier in SW France where her art has moved more strongly towards the politics of ecology and climate change and humanities on the animal world and the planet
Perez Petriarte
Born 1962
"I grew up by the sea nurtured by the Atlantic Ocean rollers in the shadow of the Pyrenees in Biarritz France. In all my work I am fascinated by light that is the essence of life"