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Terry Pastor 1971 Original Artwork Airbrush Illustration Mid century s

Terry Pastor 1971 Original Artwork Airbrush Illustration Mid century s

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W: 43cm (16.9")H: 30cm (11.8")


Rare 1971 Original Artwork Airbrush Illustration by contemporary illustrator, artist and photographer Terry Pastor signed and dated
Unframed with card surround on good art paper
Very good vintage condition for its age
In the 70s Terry as a commercial artist produced illustrations for Playboy, Men Only and Mayfair Magazine stories and editorial
Mirror image female fantasy fetish semi erotic bondage - girl in black leather bondage—psycho-sexual imagery—
A Glam Rock and Pop era Mid century Artist
Terry Pastor known for his iconic album artwork for David Bowie's Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust as well as album covers for the Beach Boys, Alex Harvey, The Sweet, Carl Palmer, Soft Machine and many other artistes.
He has produced book covers for best-selling authors like Arthur C Clark, Jeffrey Archer, Mickey Spillane, Colleen McCullough, Len Deighton, Brian Aldiss, Michael Crichton, Ed McBain and Leslie Thomas.
His illustrations have won him many accolades including two prestigious Art Director of America awards and a Playboy Magazine Illustration award.
With his paintings he has had exhibitions in London, New York, Munich and Amsterdam and his works feature in private collections around the world, including those of Roman Polanski and Roman Ford Coppola ( the son of Francis Ford Coppola) and Status Quo.
Terry supports one of Status Quo's charities, The Princes Trust, and his work is included in their book, Status Quo - Pictures: 40 Years of Hits.
His current works are mainly digital, although some also incorporate traditional airbrush techniques.

Born in rural Surrey in 1946 to an English mother and Austrian father, Terry Pastor's earliest memories are of filling drawing books, from as early as three or four years old. A childhood love of Sci-Fi and Dan Dare s space adventures was followed by an interest in the full page adverts he found within the pages of the American National Geographic magazine, sourced through friends of his parents. The American car styling, with huge tail fins and chrome everywhere, was an exotic sight for an 8 year old growing up in the UK. As the Rock & Roll era dawned, Pastor already had a well-developed aesthetic and was ready to become part of it.

At age 15 Pastor left school and worked for three years in a commercial art studio in Fleet Street, London where he discovered and mastered the use of the airbrush. This discovery would prove to be of great significance as the airbrush became a signature of his style.