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Hope by Karen Bates Naive British Contemporary Painter

Hope by Karen Bates Naive British Contemporary Painter

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W: 24cm (9.4")H: 32cm (12.6")D: 2cm (0.8")


Hope with the 'imaginary' dog created by Karen Bates
Naive British Contemporary Painter
Karen Bates b1964.
A published writer who has lived a varied life....
She has been a civil servant, qualified hypnotherapist and life coach. She wrote successful books about her life in in France but recently moved back to England.
"After a holiday in Northumberland and visiting Holy Island of lindasfarne I had an epiphany.
I bought a picture in a gallery and got talking to the 16 year old manning the shop and told her I had always wanted to paint.
In her dead pan youthfulness and looking at me as a silly old woman she asked ‘so why don’t you’ and that was it - I saw myself through her eyes and thought what is stopping me? What have I got to lose?
I gave up my job and started painting...
I paint with my emotions and usually I have someone in mind while I paint.
We also lost our dog at the same time I was having a mastectomy and so it was a double whammy and neither of us have been able to give our hearts to another dog since. Hence my sidekick imaginary dog Sooty appeared!
I would pretend we had a dog with us when we were walking on the beach..."
This will be delivered with a white frame that measures 16inches x 12inches