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Aquatint Etching of Working Dogs French Study by Boris Riab

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W: 31cm (12.2")H: 42cm (16.5")

Etching Aquatint of Working Dogs and Pheasant French   
Signed in pencil by artist Boris Riab 1898-1975
contemporary of Leon Danchin
Published by Ch. Ducher Paris
Actual image plate size 32 x 25cms
Old  Art Cartridge Paper with general overall aging not distracting
Riab was born on November 1, 1898 Boris Riabouchinsky, in Moscow, Russia. Due to his families finances, Riab studied at many different art schools in Moscow.
In 1917, Riab's family fled Russia after the Bolshevik Party gained power. Pursuing hunting and sport, he traveled through out the world before he settled in France in 1927. It was then he changed his last name from Riabouchinsky to Riab.
Riab mostly painted watercolors of hunting dog portraits and wild fowl. He also printed limited edition engravings of studies of setters, spaniels, retrievers, ducks, pheasants, pointers, partridges, snipes, and woodcocks.