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Unique Mikel Dalbret signed original Painted Screen Room Divider

£1,995.00 Approx $2453.87, €2327.89

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H: 150cm (59.1")

Original signed Mikel Albret Screen Room Divider
Mikel Dalbret was born in Tunisia 1941
Living and painting in the Pays Basque region of France since 1985
With exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA
This unique wooden Vintage Screen has small mirror pieces on the figural panels and is an early example of his work from the `80s
Each panel is 50cms wide and 150cms high
Please ask for more details and photos
The 4 screens separate in the middle  (the centre linking hinges have been replaced at some time in its life)
It has very minor signs of use and wear, not distracting