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French Double Bed + Base Vintage Louis Corbeille


Code: 11010


W: 140cm (55.1")H: 118cm (46.5")

Vintage Louis XV revival French Corbeille Double Bed and Base
Ready to use just add mattress
Cherry wood frame which could easily be painted, upholstered in floral cut velour easily recovered to suit your interior
Inside width 140cms  Inside length 198cms
Headboard height 118cms  Foot height 77cms
This will take a standard 4`6" wide mattress resting on the slatted wood base provided please ask for photos of the base
Good condition, fabric fine though easily recovered to suit your interior, there are just 3 very very small nicks to the wood frame on the headboard
not distracting, frame could be painted if preferred.

UK extremities and everywhere else please check first thank you