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Jean Picart Le Doux Limited Edition 'Fabric' Lithograph of Tapestry Artist c1964

£1,269.46 Approx $1561.45, €1481.28



W: 53cm (20.9")H: 68cm (26.8")

Jean Picart Le Doux Limited Edition on to Fabric Lithograph of Woodcutter Tapestry c1964
Marked very well on back by the Artist
Jean Picart Le Doux, 1902-1982 French
Interesting Fabric print
Jean Picart Le Doux, born in Paris January 31, 1902 and died in 1982, was a French painter and painter-cartonnier the revival of contemporary tapestry.
He is the son of the painter Charles Picart Le Doux (1881-1959).
Without specialized training, he made his debut in bookbinding and publishing, and then he turned to advertising and graphic arts publishing his first works in 1935. His first tapestry dated from 1943 after winning the Grand Prix of the theater poster exhibition in the imaging.
He met Jean Lurçat and, along with Marc Saint-Saëns in 1947 for the Association of painters cartonnier tapestry.