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Rayon d'Or by Perez Petriarte Painting 3D on double sided Clear Acryli


Code: 11629


H: 5cm (2")Di: 80cm (31.5")

Rayon d'Or Painting by Perez Petriarte on double sheets of clear Acrylic Lucite
Ray of Gold Floral Impressionistic Painting
New work from an unusual series by this established French contemporary Artist
Painted one side and hand etched on the other with gold and silver then mounted together
This can be wall mounted or free standing on a base please specify your preference

Perez Pétriarte grew up on the coast of SW France. She is an artist whose work evolves and follows strong phases of development periodically Her work is strong and distinctive She spent many years living and painting in Paris where she exhibited her works in Parisian Galleries establishing her early decorative style to much acclaim. Subsequently she moved back to the region of her birth, with her family, and re-established her atelier in SW France where her art has moved more strongly towards the politics of ecology and climate change and humanities, the animal world and the planet
Perez Petriarte
Born 1962
"I grew up by the sea nurtured by the Atlantic Ocean rollers in the shadow of the Pyrenees in Biarritz France. In all my work I wish to create perpetual movement with the ever changing light that is the essence of life"
Shortened extract of many French Exhibitions:
Invitée d'honneur Salon des Basques de Paris
Salon d'Automne Paris
Galerie Helène Appel Paris ,
Invitée d'honneur Association des Basques de Paris ,
Galerie du Seignanx ,
Saint Martin de Seignanx ,
Galerie du Château de Peyrehorade ,
Galerie Pilli Tafernaberry Bidart ;:
Salon 4art Bordeaux ,
Rencontre du Cadran Saint Geours de Marenne ,
Salon des Artistes Contemporains Paris ,
Salon Assemblée Nationale Paris ,
Salon Jeunes Espoirs Saint Jean De Luz ,
Salon Le Colisée Biarritz ,
Salon Interministériel Paris ,
Salon d'Automne Paris ,
Salon des Artistes Français Paris ,
Salon Comparaison Paris .
Premier prix du salon Interministériel de la Ville de Paris
Prix du salon A.A.P.P
Prix salon Interministériel de la Ville de Paris
Prix de peinture salon A.A.P.P
Médaille de bronze Conseil de la Ville de Paris